A generic name for an exceptional drug?

Kamagra oral jelly is not something we should be afraid of or make fun of. Developed by an Indian company Kamagra, it treats the erectile dysfunction as good as other erectile dysfunction drugs we have in our offer. It’s in a form of jelly for those who are unable or have difficulty swallowing pills. You just need to squeeze it into your mouth and wait 10 to 5 minutes before the effect „arises“. There is no weird or disgusting taste since it comes with different flavours like chocolate, vanilla, or fruits. One package, consisting of 100mg of Sildenafil, can make you last for hours in a blink of an eye!

Beware though!

Even if it tastes so delicious, it’s not a midnight snack you can eat tons of. Every package has the same effect as Viagra, meaning, you should only take ONE package a day before actual sexual intercourse no more since it might lead to an unintended „eternal“ erection – and believe us, it’s more painful than it sounds. So even if it resembles sweets, be cautious just like with any other drug. The side effects and the warnings are the same – if you have allergy to Sildenafil, you should not be using this drug since it might have a negative impact on your health.